Tina is a certified teacher of Yoga and Meditation.  Her studies began in 2008 and she's never looked back.

She thoroughly enjoys sharing the teachings of yoga and witnessing the positive impact that it has in the lives of those who give themselves the gift of partaking in a yoga and/or meditation class. Her favourite aspect of the yoga practice is meditation. The impact meditation has on Tina's daily life is remarkable. She incorporates the yoga philosophy in all she does and has found that it has transformed her life completely. She's passionate about helping others understand the mind-body soul connection and delivers this self-awareness encouragement in her classes. Her practice and studies have evolved from a tremendous amount of self-study, self-observation, many registered teacher training's, and recovering from mild depression and anxiety. The foundation of her recovery was in devoting herself to a yoga and meditation practice, as well as working with a life coach.

Tina believes that when we live from our personal truth, we have the capacity to heal ourselves, our relationship to others, as well as contribute to healing the world.

Today, she is grateful for the experiences that lead her to the realization that she had multiple barriers that stood in the way of reaching her potential and through her healing journey, she often reminded herself that once she broke through all that was standing in her way, she would be an amazing example that anything was possible, if the mind and heart were in alignment.

And now she shares this work with those who need guidance and direction.  She's available virtually and publicly.

Namaste; the light in me honours the light in you!
Tina Addorisio, RYT

"My favorite therapy was yoga class with Tina. From the start it felt comfortable. She was my first yoga teacher and I'm so glad she was. Without really knowing me or what I was going through, she helped me regain the strength I needed to move forward. To accept the present moment. To do things I enjoyed doing, filling up my cup so to speak. To embrace change as life is ever changing. To let go. To forgive. To be calm. To find the good. To know that everything is meant to be and to trust in the process of life.
 That yoga mat held me up and gave me strength. It was like my magic carpet taking me away and showing me what I needed to see. And Tina guided me there."


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“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”
— 'Katie Kollwitz' by Muriel Rukeyser